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We are here to make your life better.
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Our story
A mobile app that makes life easier
While studying we faced a problem – it’s almost impossible to be a student and work a full-time job. So, we came up with an idea that students could become the best service providers out there for people’s daily tasks. Exploring this idea in detail we realized that there are actually many risks related to trust, safety and reliability.

In some industries these risks are less crucial. Nowadays we can get a taxi, order food and book an apartment directly from our smartphone without any problems. When it comes to our everyday household tasks we usually feel stuck and helpless, spending time on searching on the internet or asking around for advice. Even so we were still not able to get home services in a convenient way and within a relatively short period of time. These are the reasons why we created Partly. A mobile app that helps people to solve their household tasks more efficiently, thus increasing their quality of life.

We realized that trust plays a huge role here, so our wish was to create a trusted and safe community. Therefore, we invited to join us the best professionals, who have had their background checked and are offering quality services on a day-to-day basis. Our goal is to deliver these home services to every household within the reach of fingertips, so that people can spend their time on things that really matter in life. Come and join our growing community – let’s spend our time more efficiently!
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Our values
Partly core values
Nothing is more important than the trusted relationships, we build trust through our services. Building trust builds a better company.
We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company.
We are passionate about the company and its success. We are committed to our customers, our service providers, and to each other.
We understand that everything starts with us and our own character and feelings. We are practicing self-development to keep high work and customer satisfaction.
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