Community guidelines

Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. As our community continues to grow, there will be more and more people on our platform. Poster or Tasker, we want to ensure your experience with us is always a pleasant one. To make that happen, we’ll need your help.

Respect each other

Together with you, we aim to provide the best experience to our users, which is why we ask for your actions to reflect Partly’s belief in respecting all individuals regardless of their race, religion, national origin, disability, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other personal characteristics. Let’s treat everyone as we wish to be treated, and create a respectful experience for all.

Safety for everyone

Everyone wants to get things done safely. So please ensure that you follow the local law, regulations, rules, policies and guidelines issued by the government, relevant authorities, or by Partly. If you are a Tasker never apply or start the job under the influence of heavy medicine or alcohol. Likewise, if you are feeling tired, reject job requests or inform Partly support if you are already in the process.

Ethics and fairness in all dealings

At Partly, we aim to be transparent and fair in all our dealings. The Partly app is intended to allocate jobs in a fair manner to all Taskers, and provide the best possible service to our Posters who are looking for help with certain jobs. We will take appropriate actions or deactivate any account(s) associated with the types of activities mentioned below. Read more

As a Poster you must never:

  • Create multiple accounts. Each user is allowed to have only one account.
  • Frequently cancel posted jobs. This refers to multiple job cancelations or frequent instances of not showing up upon the Taskers arrival.

As a Tasker you must never:

  • Mark unfinished job as completed. You must only mark the job completed once the job is finished and all requirements from Posters side are complete.
  • Request a Poster to cancel a job once they intend to work with you. You must honour the job and pay the commission required of you, as you have gained the job via the Partly app.
  • Make self-bookings via Poster account of your own. Self-bookings are jobs where you are both the Tasker and Poster of the job.
  • Make pre-arranged job posts with users. You should not arrange job by being in close proximity of the Poster upon agreement of job details outside of the Partly app.
  • Frequently ignore or cancel job requests. Cancellations should only be reserved for emergencies as you apply for job of your interests before you receive the request from Poster.
  • Intentionally prolong worked hours. This includes entering more hours worked on particular job than it was actually required, or working inefficiently.
  • Charge additional fees not agreed upon. This refers to the total amount, extra work or hours, and other charges which are related to the job without informing the Poster. Also, never collect cash for jobs completed through Partly.
  • Let anyone complete jobs on your behalf. You must be the only one who uses your Partly account.
  • Conspire to obtain jobs dishonestly. This refers to participation in any activities aimed to obtain jobs in a dishonest manner, disrupt operations, or any other acts which are deemed to be against the interests of Partly.
  • Install illegal software that disrupt the natural allocation of the jobs. By altering the natural functions of the Partly App, you are gaining unfair advantages over other Taskers who abide by the rules and earn honestly. You should also ensure you use devices which have its original manufacturer settings, or have not been rooted/ jail-broken, to avoid putting your account and privacy at risk.

Give feedback to others

Whether you are a Poster or Tasker, please rate your experience once the job is completed. Honest feedback helps ensure that everyone is accountable for their behaviour. This accountability creates a respectful, safe environment for both Posters and Taskers. And if something happens in the process — whether it’s an argument or you are not able to contact other user — make sure to report it by tapping “Report” in the app so that our customer support team can follow up.