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Insurance & Tax


When insurance is mentioned on Partly, for Customers it refers to third-party liability insurance.

Third Party Liability Insurance

As a Customer, you have engaged with a Service provider (an independent contractor or employee of partner company) to complete your task using the Partly platform. The Service provider is primarily responsible for the work that is carried out and therefore liable for consequences that result from their activities when providing the services.

Partly is actively working with Insurance companies to provide third-party liability insurance for all services offered through the Partly platform.


Does the Service fee include taxes?

Yes. Service fee is calculated by including all the relevant taxes, which need to be paid by the Service provider.

How do I get a payment invoice?

You will receive an invoice and overview of your task to your e-mail after each transaction within Partly app.

We provide full tax invoice, only if respective Service provider has signed a partnership agreement with us. If Service provider provides services based only on our Terms of Service, then you’ll have to request a tax invoice from him/her. As the providers of the service, they should be able to get you one.