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How payments work on Partly?

Partly use third-party payment system that ensures payment protection for Service providers and a seamless, secure way to get local tasks completed for Customers.

The steps below outline the payment flow within Partly:

1. A task is posted by the Customer.

2. Service provider who are willing to complete the task applies for the task.

3. Customer and Service provider agree on total costs/Service fee.

4. Service provider sends a proposal of total costs to the Customer.

5. Customer accepts or declines proposal

6. If Customer accepts a proposal, then money is charged form Customer and Service provider starts task execution.

7. During the task execution a Service provider can add additional task and costs if it is necessary or it have been requested by Customer.

8. With in-app payments, both Customer and Service provide can be confident that the money has been committed to the task, and in case Customer are not happy with the result, they can always claim for a refund.

How do I manage my payments?

You’ll need to have valid payment card added to your account to assign your task. When total costs of a task are accepted by you, then money will be charged from your payment card.

You can view, add and edit your payment information:

1. When you post a new task

2. Under “Profile” -> “Payments”

Note: If you’re trying to add a valid card with sufficient funds, and it’s not being accepted, the first step is to review the card details to double check they’re correct. You can do this by looking at the following:

  • The card number, expiry and CVC are all correct
  • There are no spaces before or after any of the numbers
  • Make sure that if your card is registered/enabled for Internet shopping

If all of those details are correct and you’re still having issues, you can try using another card and see if it will work. If that still it doesn’t do the trick, contact us via Support -> “Contact Partly” or at

How to add a company card and billing details?

If you are Company/legal person, you can also add you Company card for Partly payments. You can view, add and edit your payment and billing information:

1. When you post a new task

2. Under “Profile” -> “Payments”

You will be able to add you Billing information in the process of adding your card. Simply put a check mark next to “Billing information” and it will open additional fields that you need to fill in for your invoice.

What payment methods can I use?

Partly supports online payments through third party payment service provider. You can use Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards through this system.

How do I pay to a Service Provider?

All payments are digital and you do not need to pay outside the Partly platform. Service provider is responsible for task evaluation and setting the total budget/costs. You as a customer can only accept or decline respective costs.

Money is charged from your card at the moment, when you accept or decline costs.

If for some reason you are not satisfied, then you can always report on Service provider or open respective task card and claim for a refund.

How long does a refund take?

Once the refund process is over and payment has been returned to your payment method, it will arrive back in your account in a 5 business days. Though, this timeframe is dependent on processing times between our payment provider and your bank.

How do I get an invoice?

You will receive an invoice and overview of your task to your e-mail after each transaction within Partly app.

We provide a full tax invoice, only if respective Service provider has signed a partnership agreement with us. If Service provider provides services based only on our Terms of Service, then you’ll have to request a tax invoice from him/her personally. As the provider of the service, they should be able to get you one.