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Posting and Deleting tasks

How do I post a Task?

Posting a task is completely free on Partly. If you have tasks to be done, then post them as follows:

1. Select the right task category

2. Read the category description

3. Click “Post a new task” button

4. Fill in the necessary task details

Be sure to be clear as possible when adding task details, as this helps Service providers know whether they have the skills and abilities to complete your task:

  • Title: should be short and clear, so that by just reading few words Service provider could understand what has to be done.
  • Description: should clearly, and thoroughly, state what it is that needs to be done. Adding as much information as possible helps the Service provider to understand your expectations.
  • Photos: add clear photos, that are only related to the task that needs to be completed.
  • Date: set a date and time till which the task needs to be completed. If flexible, mention in the task description.
  • Address: where the task has to be completed? Home or office?
  • Payment info: to be able to post a task you will need to add your payment card.

5. Click “Post” button.

Once your task is posted, our community of trusted and verified Service providers can apply for your task. After the Service provider applies for your request, you'll be able to start communication with him/her, to arrange further details.

Note: if you have not yet provided us with your credit/debit card details, you will be prompted to enter your card details and to add payment. Payments are handled by our secure third-party payment provider Stripe (

I posted my task, what's next?

Once you’ve posted your task, it will become public to all Service providers that have skills and knowledge to complete such task.

Service provider who are interested in completing your task will apply for your task and will contact you to discuss further details about the task.

If, after initial communication with Service Provider, you choose to work with him/her, then Service Provider will evaluate remotely or visit you at your address to evaluate your task and after that he/she will send you a total costs proposal, which you will be able to Accept or Decline.

If you will accept it, you be automatically charged money amount/service fee that you have agreed with Service provider. In case, you will decide to decline it, then after declining the total costs you will be able to change the Service provider or cancel your task.

Do not want to work with your Service provider?

If you are not willing to work with the Service provider who have applied for your task you can change your Service provider. You can do that by pressing “Change” button while task is in “Applied” status.

Note: In case you have accepted total costs/price proposal from the Service provider, then you will not be able to change your Service provider.

Can I delete or cancel my task?

If you have changed your mind and you don't need any help for previously posted task you can delete or cancel your task during these task statuses:

  • Service provider has not applied for your task (status “Posted”), no charge is applied;
  • Service provider has applied (status “Applied”), but decide to cancel your task, then 1.50 EUR cancellation fee is charged for connection;
  • You have received an offer about total costs from a Service provider (status “Pending”), but have changed your mind and have decided to decline an offer (cancellation fee/base fee of 10 EUR is charged from you to protect Service provider);

Note: This task cancellation fee of 1.50 EUR, which is charged if Customer cancels task during “Applied” status, is deducted, because we offer only ID verified and quality Service providers. Besides, Customer have a unique possibility to receive a consultation and change multiple Service providers without searching. Customer can also start a dispute and claim a refund in case, Service provider have not contacted or consulted Customer. It can be done via “Profile” -> ”Contact us”.

What are additional tasks?

If you have already called the Service provider over and the need for an additional task has arisen, just notify the Service provider about this additional task. Additional task can be added only if the status of the main task is “Confirmed”. In accordance with your request the Service provider will add this additional task to your current task by sending you an offer in the app. You will have the option to either “Accept” or “Decline” this additional task.

By accepting this task, you will also accept the costs and we will reserve the money on your account. You can request several additional tasks, if there is such need. If you decide to decline this additional task the Service provider will receive a notification that the additional task is declined and accordingly won’t do it. By declining the additional task no commission will be deducted.