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About Partly

What is Partly?

Partly is a mobile platform that helps people to solve their on-demand household tasks by connecting them to trusted service providers.

Download the app and give Partly a chance to make your life better.

What kind of tasks are on Partly?

From simple to complicated tasks, currently Partly have handyman, electrical, plumbing, furniture assembly, cleaning and repair task categories.

New categories will be released later on, so use our app and follow our news.

Who is a Service provider?

A Service provider can be a legal or natural person who provide services (does the task) for other people within the Partly community.

If you want to be a Service provider, simply create an account, open Profile menu, click on become a Service provider, fill all the necessary information, attend live training session and start browsing through tasks of your interests. Keep in mind that you'll need to be over 16 and have local working rights to be a Service provider.

Once you have attended live training session you will be able to apply for available tasks. You will be able to contact Customers and discuss further details straight after applying for the task of your interests.

Who is a Customer?

A Customer is a person who publish/post a task in the Partly app to find a respective Service provider who can do this task. The Customer may be a natural or legal person.

Is Partly available in my city?

Partly is currently only available in Riga (Latvia) and closest cities.

If we decide to expand further there will be a public announcement. Check out our website or follow us on social media to know the latest Partly news.