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Applying for a task

How do I apply for a task?

Applying for a task is easy. Simply open the task that you are interested in a click “Apply” button.

Once you applied for the task, notification is sent to Customer that you have applied for a task, as well as you are enabled to contact the Customer and discuss further details about the task.

I have applied. What's next?

If you have agreed to proceed, you can visit Customer, evaluate task once again and send proposal with total budget/costs (task goes to status “Pending”).

Customer can accept or decline your proposal. If Customer accepts your proposal, then task goes to status “Confirmed” and money will be taken from Customer, which means that you can start your part and do the work. If Customer chooses to decline your proposal, then you can try to agree with Customer about the new price proposal.

During the execution of task, you can also add additional task and costs by clicking on “Add task” button if it is necessary or it have been requested by Customer.

When you have completed the task, please verify it with Customer first. If everything is ok, then press “Complete”, to complete the task you will be asked to take a picture of task and give a rating and review for Customer.

Once you will complete all the steps, you will see task details and total earnings of specific task, as well as an invoice will be sent to your e-mail.

How to add an additional task?

If you have arrived at the customer’s place and he/she is requesting you to do some additional task, which is not related to the main task, add it in the app. You have the option to add several additional tasks to the customer’s main task. You can add additional task when the main task is in the status “Confirmed”.

To add additional task:

1. Open the task card

2. Click on “Add a task”

3. Enter the title and costs of the task

4. Confirm and submit the payment.

By submitting this additional task and the respective costs customer will receive a notification. Please wait until the customer has accepted the additional task and only then start to do it. You will receive a notification, whether the customer has accepted or declined the additional task. In order to protect yourself and receive the money for the additional task, don’t start doing it until the customer has accepted it.

How can I cancel my application?

You can Cancel your application during “Applied” status any time.

Once you have sent a total cost proposal to Customer you are not able to cancel it, as it goes to status “Pending”. At this status you need to wait for Customer’s decision, namely, to accept or decline your proposal.

The same applies if your proposal have been accepted by Customer and task is on “Confirmed” status. In this stage you need to complete the task or, if you are not able to, just finalize the process in the app so that task gets status “Completed”. If Customer will not be satisfied, he/she we will have a chance to claim for a refund.