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How to communicate well on Partly?

Communication is always a key to have a great experience when looking for help or working with someone.

Once you have applied for Customer’s task you are able to contact each other to discuss further details about the task. When both sides communicate clear and well, they’re on the same page and the completion of the task can go smoother.

After the task is complete leave a rating and review, we encourage you to leave a genuine review about your experience. This is great for Partly as it maintains transparency and builds trust in the community.

Customer isn't responding?

Unfortunately, sometimes these things happen - but we’re here to help!

If your Customer are not responding to your calls we recommend that you give them at least 0,5-1 hour to get back to you. If they’re still unresponsive let us know by writing us message via “Support” -> “Contact Partly”.

If you have agreed on visiting your Customer, but he/she is not at address stated in the task, we recommend that you give them at least 30 minutes to get back to you. If still there is no response you can cancel the task. To cancel the task just open it and click “Cancel”. You can cancel a task only when it is on “Applied” status.