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Insurance & Tax


When insurance is mentioned on Partly, it can refer to the following 2 areas:

Personal Accident Cover

As of now we recommend Service providers to have their own insurance policy.

Partly is working to implement Personal Accident Cover which provides all Service providers with a degree of personal accident protection in the event of an accident that results in injuries covered under the policy while providing services.

Third Party Liability Insurance

You are primarily responsible for the work that is carried out and therefore liable for consequences that result from their activities when providing the services.

Partly is actively working with Insurance companies to provide third-party liability insurance for all services offered through the Partly platform.


Do I need to pay Tax on my Partly income?

Yes, you do!

Each year, you probably earn money from a number of sources, of which Partly might be one. All of this income is taxable. So, you need to keep a record of all the tasks you have done and amounts you earn from those tasks. You can see all your completed tasks under “My tasks”.

That income needs to be disclosed as Personal income tax on business income or Micro-enterprise tax, it depends on your chosen tax payment regime. More Information here.

What if I get it incorrect, wrong or forget?

The State Revenue Service (Tax authority) has been keeping a closer eye on people earning income from shared economy services like Taxify, Wolt & Airbnb. So, it’s essential that you fully and accurately disclose all your Partly income (and expenses!). If you don’t, you could find yourself being audited by the State Revenue Service. They might stop your business, based on any unpaid or underpaid tax.

How do I provide a Tax Invoice to my Customer?

You and Customer will receive an invoice and overview of your task to your e-mail after each transaction within Partly app.

In case Customer asks for a more detailed Tax invoice, then you as a Service provider need to provide it. We provide full tax invoice, only if you have signed a partnership agreement with us. If you provide your services based only on our Terms of Service, then you’ll have to provide a tax invoice yourself.

Disclaimer: Partly is not authorized to give taxation advice. Contact a tax professional for advice on your own individual tax obligations.