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Live training session

What to expect from Live training?

Training sessions are usually an hour long and are booked in advance. At live training session you’ll meet with the Partly representative, who’ll run you through everything you need to know before working on our platform.

At these sessions, we’ll go through all of your documents, so please make sure you bring everything with you. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask us any questions you have.

How do I sign up for Live training?

First you need to finalize a remote onboarding steps via app or website by pressing a “Become a Service provider” button and filling all the necessary information.

Once you have done it, Partly’s support team will do some background checks and if everything goes well you will be invited to Live training. You will receive an e-mail or phone call with detailed information regarding training date and time.

What should I bring with me to Live training?

It's important to bring following things:

  • A valid passport or national ID card, so that we can verify your identity and age.
  • License if you're interested tasks that requires it. This gives us a chance to verify if you have the right skills and knowledge to complete job.