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How payments work on Partly?

Partly use third-party payment system that ensures payment protection for Service providers and a seamless, secure way to get local tasks completed for Customers.

The steps below outline the payment flow within Partly:

1. A task is posted by the Customer.

2. Service provider who are willing to complete the task applies for the task.

3. Customer and Service provider agree on total costs/Service fee.

4. Service provider sends a proposal of total costs to the Customer.

5. Customer accepts or declines proposal

6. If Customer accepts a proposal, then money is charged form Customer and Service provider starts task execution.

7. During the task execution a Service provider can add additional task and costs if it is necessary or it have been requested by Customer.

8. With in-app payments, both Customer and Service provide can be confident that the money has been committed to the task, and in case Customer are not happy with the result, they can always claim for a refund.

How do I manage my payout settings?

You will be able to manage your Payout info under “Profile” -> “Payments” -> “Payout method”. By pressing on “Add your bank account” you will be navigated to Stripe, where you will be able to add and edit your payout info.

If you have any troubles adding or updating your information, please contact us via app support or writing at

How do I set a price for the services?

You can set a Price/Service fee according to your current pricelist. Customer will have a chance to accept or decline it afterwards.

When I can get a money?

Money is charged from Customer at the moment, when Customer accepts or declines your offer and its total costs (Service fee).

You will receive a money to your Stripe account. Payouts to your payout account are done once a week.

Why do I need to provide my ID?

It is needed to protect Customer and comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. You will be asked to verify your identity during the remote onboarding process. We will double check your identity at our Live training session, too.

Issues with your payout?

You are obliged to provide your bank requisites in course of filling the payment details upon remote registration. We or Partly group companies and partners are technically ensuring transfers of in-app Payment fees via Stripe Connect to the bank account that you have provided. In case, you need assistance you can contact us via "Support” -> “Contact Partly” or at

Note: We and Partly group companies and partners are not liable for any incorrect money transactions in case you have provided wrong bank requisites.