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Ratings & reviews

How does the rating system work?

At Partly, we use a two-way star rating system to help ensure the security and comfort of our community members. At the end of a task both Service provider and Customer are asked to rate each other on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the best.

Anything less than a 4 or 5 means that the user was less than satisfactory, and we would like to know why.

We understand that sometimes people are rated poorly who might not deserve it. If so, please contact us via "Support" -> “Contact Partly” or at

How do reviews work?

Reviews help people trust in our community by creating an easy, honest and reliable way for users to know what to expect from each other.

Whether you’ve posted a task, or you’ve completed one, leaving your honest and fair feedback about how it went gives more clarity to other users.

Reviews must follow our Review Guidelines. If a review has been found to breach these guidelines, it will be removed.

We can only remove reviews if they breach our guidelines, or if the author has requested for removal. Once a review has been removed for either reason, you will be unable to leave a new review. To request a removal of specific review please contact us via "Support” -> “Contact Partly” or at

How do I leave a rating and review?

Ratings and reviews provide a great reference for the rest of the community and are essential to building trust and transparency on Partly.

Once your task is completed, it’s essential to leave an honest and fair review of your experiences. If everything went well, say so and highlight why you would work with this person again! If it didn’t go as planned, leave detailed and constructive feedback.

Note: All reviews should follow Partly’s Review Guidelines. We won’t moderate or change any of user reviews, however we will delete a review if it violates our guidelines.

Can I change my review?

As ratings are the key to building trust and transparency on Partly there's no option to edit a review once it's published.

If you've written a review and changed your mind later, you can create a request for us to remove it. To request a removal of specific review please contact us via "Support” -> “Contact Partly” or at

What are the Partly review guidelines?

Trust is important to the Partly community. Honest and fair reviews help us and the community itself to make better informed decisions.

Partly doesn’t moderate or change user reviews, however, we do reserve the right to delete reviews if they violate our Review Guidelines.

The following is not supported:

1. Reviews that don’t represent a member’s genuine experience in relation to the task.

2. Reviews unrelated to the task such as race, religion or politics.

3. Reviews that promote illegal or harmful behavior or content that is discriminatory, threatening or obscene.

4. Content that violates another person’s entity and privacy rights such as publishing identity information without permission.

5. Using or attempting to use profanity or vulgar language.