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Trouble with a Customer?

Most tasks on Partly are completed without any complications, but sometimes getting task done isn’t simple. There are times when working with Service providers becomes more complex than expected. Disagreements can happen and go on to become disputes when Customers and Service providers expect different results on a task or if something doesn't go according to the plan. If you’re having trouble with your Service provider, please try following tips:

Communicate openly

Unclear communication is the leading cause of disagreements on Partly. Be straightforward, concise and honest.


  • Be clear in your communication (don’t be afraid to double check).
  • Be aware of your tone during conversation.
  • Try to reply as quickly as you can to your Customer’s messages and calls.
  • If you feel that something isn't going well - ask for feedback from the Customer about what he/she is not satisfied with. This might help nip complications in the bud if you can talk openly about what's going on.
  • If the communication is becoming heated - reach out to Partly Support if you’re unsure about what to do next.
  • If something’s going wrong, genuine apologies can go a long way to help diffusing tension and move forward.


  • Be rude or disrespectful. Poor behavior never helps and can lead to your account being limited (or in some cases, deactivated).
  • Respond badly to feedback. It can be hard to receive constructive criticism about your work, but we’d encourage you not to take it to heart. Try and learn from the experience and use it for the next time if you can.

Complete the task as best you can

We understand that sometimes task might be a bit different from the description. If you’re confident you can still complete the task, we’d encourage you to do your best to complete what needs to be done.

Discuss payment and fees clearly

We understand that getting paid fairly for your time and effort is really important to you. We can also understand if you feel the job isn’t going to plan then you may be concerned about payment. One of the great things about using Partly is that once you're assigned to a task, payment is held securely within Stripe.


  • Use Partly as a safe way to get paid.
  • Be clear in your offer about what is and isn’t included in your Service fee/price.
  • If you get stuck, contact Partly Support.


  • Don’t ask for payment/money outside of Partly (e.g. cash). Partly won’t be able to help and/or pay you if something goes wrong.
  • Don’t communicate in a disrespectful way. If the communication becomes heated and you feel uncomfortable, please contact Partly support via "Support” -> “Contact Partly” or at

We understand that getting into disagreements with your Customer can be stressful. We hope these tips will help you come to an agreement quickly and easily. And just as a friendly reminder, please know that if a task has already started, you are not able to cancel it. You need to complete it or finalize the process in the app.

How does refund process works?

The refund process shall only start when Customer claims for a refund. The process has 3 stages:

Step 1 - Understand the task and issue

  • Once the claim is received, the Support Team will conduct a number of checks on the task. These checks can include checking the task title, description, picture and more details. This helps us to understand about what the task was.

Step 2 - Mediation with Partly Support

  • You and Customer will need to fill out a form and give us all the details on what’s happened.
  • Support Team will review this information and might reach you if additional clarifications are needed.
  • We will try to get to agreement between you and Customer.

Step 3 - Partly Support decision

  • If mediation process will finish without any agreement, we will make a decision to resolve the situation.
  • The decision will be impartial and based on the details you’ve shared.
  • A detailed reasoning for the decision will be provided.
What should I do in the refund process?

Partly will help you by facilitating the communication between you and the Customer. This is why you’re staying involved and working with us is really important to the refund process.

Treating others with respect is absolutely essential on Partly. Inappropriate actions or behavior during the refund process isn't tolerated. For example, this could include:

  • Breaching any Community Guidelines.
  • Acting in a threatening or abusive way to Partly support or Community member.
  • Stalling or uncooperative behavior during the refund process.

If you choose to act in this way, regardless of the other circumstances, the refund process won't continue. The task payment will then be paid back to the Customer.

We do this because common politeness, trust and productive behavior are the foundations on which Partly was built. We’ve found that the best results come from mutual respect. So, let’s work together to make sure that your outcome is fair, equal and benefits everybody.

What safety tips I should follow?

We take your safety extremely seriously at Partly. We’re passionate about building a trusted community of members, while helping to create positive experiences for our Service providers using the platform.

It’s important to remember that getting task done with Partly means you are transacting with another member on the platform. We recommend users always to keep the Community Guidelines in mind while interacting on the platform.

If you ever feel uncomfortable with another member at any time, you should let us know via support. Your concerns will be taken seriously and handled with confidentiality. If at any time you feel in danger you should always call emergency 112.

We have also put together a list of the steps you can take while you use Partly, to help you make informed choices and be aware of the measures and features in place to support you. Below you will find safety tips for every step of the process:

When you’re applied for a task

We highly recommend looking through the profiles of Customers, before you apply for a task, to check out their reviews, rating and tasks posted.

Before work begins

If you feel there’s any potential concerns regarding safety of task that a Customer may not be aware of, let him/her know by communicating this clearly. To protect yourself while working, please make sure you're aware of all relevant licenses or safety requirements prior to commencing the work.

While the task is being executed

If you find there is a serious risk to your health or safety, you should notify the Customer of your concerns as soon as possible and advise why you believe it's unsafe to continue. If immediate danger is present, please take every precaution to remove yourself and others from danger and alert the relevant authorities. Dial 112 in an emergency.

Remember that your payment is secure with Partly. If you are ever in a situation where a Customer is not satisfied with your services, try to work with them to sort it out first. If you can’t come to a resolution, you can always contact us for support and advice via app Support or at

When the task is completed

If for some reason Customer is not satisfied, then try to understand his/her concerns. If you have hard time to understand Customer or communication doesn’t go well and you feel uncomfortable, please contact Partly support via "Support” -> “Contact Partly” or at