Terms of service for customers

Terms of service for customers

Partly is a mobile app, which provides help with different kinds of household tasks (e.g. plumbing, electricity, repair works, cleaning, pet sitting etc.) by connecting Service providers (Partly’s collaboration partners, who are registered in Partly’s system) with Customers. Partly LLC (registration No. 50203153221), founded in the Republic of Latvia, is the rights holder and provider of Partly app.

1. Basic principles of use

1.1. In order to use Partly app, you will need to install software, register your user account and accept Partly’s Terms of Service. During the software installation a user identification (ID) number will assigned to the user. This ID number is stored in Partly’s database.

1.2. When using Partly app, Customer pays for the services via Partly in-app payment, which means that a bank card is linked to the app.

1.3. In case of any questions or complaints, user can contact Partly’s Support team by writing to team@partlyapp.com or via Support section within the app.

1.4. When using Partly app, each user is responsible for his/her profile and its correctness and updating, if there are any changes (name, surname, e-mail, mobile phone, bank card).

2. In-app payments

2.1. The user of Partly app pays for the services with credit card and mobile payments, which ask from the user to activate card’s data in app in advance, as well as to accept of Partly’s Terms of Service.

2.2. When making credit card and mobile payments, Partly LLC does not receive user’s payments, but just forwards them to the Service provider through third party service provider.

2.3. When making credit card and mobile payments, Partly may add fee for the card processing service. This service fee includes payment commission fees (incl. Visa, MasterCard or other cards’ processing service fee).

2.4. Credit card payment brokerage in Partly is supported by using Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd., provided services according to these Terms and Privacy policy –   https://stripe.com/en-lv/privacy.

2.5. Partly is responsible for the functioning of Partly in-app payments and provides support in resolving problems, including refunds, cancellations and chargebacks. The resolution of disputes related to Partly in-app payments is also done with the help of Partly. For payment support service please contact:  team@partlyapp.com or call +37126398298. Inquiries submitted by e-mail will receive a response within 1-2 business days. Partly reviews all complaints and applications related to in-app payments within 5 (five) business days.

2.6. By offering credit card and mobile payments, Partly works as an economic agent for Service providers. Customer’s obligations with regard to the Service provider will be considered as fulfilled as soon as the payment for the provision of service/household task is done and money has been transferred to Service provider’s Stripe account. Partly is not responsible, if the customer makes the payment incorrectly.

3. Posting or cancelling tasks

3.1. If a user of Partly app fills out the task posting form and presses “Post”, this task is considered as posted/published and will be available to all Service providers, who have chosen this particular category.

3.2. Customer can cancel and/or delete a task, if:

  • Service provider has not applied for a task (no charge is applied);
  • Service provider has applied, but customer wants to cancel a job (1.50 EUR connection fee is charged);

3.3. If the Customer has agreed with Service provider on task budget/totals costs and has accepted it, then, the task receives status “Confirmed”. In this status the task can’t be cancelled by customer, but he/she can ask Service Provider to complete the task and claim for a refund afterwards. Customer can claim for a refund by writing e-mail to Partly support team  team@partlyapp.com or through the app My tasks -> Completed (Open respective task card) -> Claim for a refund. Customer can claim for a refund within 48 h after completion of task, otherwise we will charge the Customer without any possibility to initiate a dispute/refund process.

3.4. Partly has the right to revoke user’s right to use the app, if the user has cancelled at least 30% of posted tasks. In this case Partly informs the user about the total number of cancelled tasks and breach of regulations, as well as revokes the right to use Partly app. The right to use Partly app may be revoked for up to 6 (six) months. After that period user may reactivate the account by contacting Partly’s Support team.

4. Change of Service provider

4.1. Partly Customers have a unique opportunity to change the Service provider, to find the most suitable person for their household tasks.

4.2. Customer can change the Service provider during the status “Applied”.

4.3. This feature is meant to change the Service provider in case if Customer is not satisfied with the communication or price proposal from the Service provider.

5. Responsibilities and liability

5.1. Customer takes full financial liability and responsibility about his/her actions, caused damage and loss by using Service provider’s services. Customer must not:

5.1.1. harm Service provider physically or indirectly;

5.1.2. curse, be rude or harm Service provider morally;

5.1.3. distract from the job/task, be rude or disrespectful to, seduce, touch the Service provider or be inappropriate in any way with the Service provider;

5.1.4. pay outside of Partly app;

5.1.5. order Service provider to break any laws and regulations;

5.1.6. touch or take Service provider’s things and/or devices.

6. Use of Partly app

6.1. Partly is a mobile app, which allows its users to demand and find a suitable Service provider for solving everyday household tasks by sharing information about the task and the users.

6.2. The use of Partly app is based on a non-exclusive licence issued by Partly LLC. Licence agreement is valid for unlimited time and is royalty free for Partly app users. In case of any faults in the software, we will endeavour to correct them as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that the functioning of the app may be restricted due to occasional technical errors and we are not able to guarantee that the app will function at all times. Partly is not liable for any loss that may result out of incorrect operation of Partly app or if the app is not working, or if it cannot be used in the way user would like. In the event that your right to use Partly app is cancelled, the corresponding non-exclusive licence will also be cancelled.

6.3. As Partly app is an information society service (a means of communication) between Service providers and customers, Partly cannot guarantee or take any responsibility for the quality of a Service provider, except in cases, when Premium Service provider is used. In this case Premium choice provides a guarantee and third party (civil) liability insurance. In all other cases Partly cannot guarantee accurate and flawless provision of Service provider’s services. To solve any problems or complaints, please contact our Support team (as mentioned in 1.3.).

6.4. Partly app is not considered as a household service provider or broker. Partly app is not used as means for doing household tasks, organizing services or providing them. Partly also is not an agency service for finding customers for Service providers.

6.5. Partly provides only a platform and technology, which allow customers to find Service providers without any direct involvement of Partly in the process.

7. By registering an account in Partly, user accepts these terms:

7.1. Partly has the right to add the personal data of a Partly app user to the database of Partly and send these data to a Service provider in accordance with Partly’s Privacy policy (https://www.partlyjobs.com/en/privacy/)

7.2. Partly has the right to make unilateral amendments to the current Terms of Service and Privacy policy and to transfer the database to third parties. Partly will notify users about any amendment to the Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

7.3. Partly has the right to transfer database and personal data to third parties without any prior notice to the users of Partly app. In the case of Partly transferring the business to a third party, the database with Rights and Terms, which result from this licence agreement, will also be transferred.

7.4. Partly has the right to send personal data and card data to payment service provider.

7.5. Partly has the right to send information related to the service, marketing news and user authentication codes via SMS or telephone call.

8. Good practice using the Partly app

8.1. As Partly is not a Service Provider or broker, we cannot influence the quality of services. Any issues with quality of Service providers will be resolved in accordance with the rules and regulations of Service provider and legislation.

8.2. Partly undertakes to help improve the quality of service providing and Service providers as such. For this reason, we ask you to leave your comment/review in Partly app after each completed task. The received feedbacks enable us to offer suggestions to the Service providers for improving the quality of their service.

8.3. We expect that the users of Partly app will use it in good faith and will be respectful of the Service providers, who offer their services via Partly.

8.4. Partly will make every effort to ensure that the Service providers are honest and respectful of their profession and users of the Partly app. However, we are in no position to guarantee that every Service provider, who collaborates with Partly, satisfies the aforementioned criteria at all times. If you receive poor service, please immediately notify the Service provider and/or our Support team about it (as mentioned in 1.3.).

9. Promotional codes

9.1. Partly may offer users a promotional code or a reward code (the value can differ per country) for the attraction of each new and unique user.

9.2. Promotional code is valid only, if the new user uses this code.

9.3. Partly reserves the right to cancel any promotional code and block user accounts, if Partly deems that the user has acted in a fraudulent way. Partly may claim compensation from the user for the caused loss.

10. Calculation of service fee

10.1. Service fee is determined by Service provider. Service fee might have an additional cost (e.g. material cost).

10.2. Fixed fee is a task budget on which customer and Service provider agrees before the task. Fixed fee is calculated by including all the relevant taxes, which need to be paid by the Service provider.

10.3. Additional costs (usually cost of materials) are added before the task, but can be also added via “Additional task” during “Confirmed” status.

11. Amendments to Terms of service

11.1. Partly has the right to amend the current Terms of Service at any time without any previous notification to Partly users.

11.2. Partly will notify you by e-mail or app notifications about updated Terms of Service.

11.3. f a user does not want to comply with the updated Terms of Service, he/she must notify Partly’s Support team (clause 1.3) about the cancellation of Partly services use within 3 (three) days since the receiving of notification.